Hold Fast to Dreams Book
Publication Date: February 1, 2013
Dreams can be very powerful. Some may be without substance, even insignificant—but then there are the dreams that deeply impact the very core of your being. Hold fast to these! From humble beginnings in Ireland, George Lee’s inspiring, dream-catching story soars through blue skies that include piloting Royal Air Force Phantom fighter jets, winning three World Gliding Championships titles, and taking HRH Prince Charles on his first gliding flights. An intensely personal account, Hold Fast to Your Dreams is a witness to an ordinary man’s passionate pursuit of his extraordinary dreams that lead him through the clouds of Europe, Asia, and the United States as well as into the back streets of Hong Kong and the halls of Buckingham Palace where he dines with The Queen. Believing strongly that people’s choices determine their destinies, this high-flying and motivating true-life adventure is full of remarkable achievements as well as disappointments—both creating foundations on which the author builds his exciting life of success and dream fulfilment.


New Zealand

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Hi there, I would like to know where I can get the book in Hong Kong, thanks!

    • Hi Lawrence,
      Probably the easiest would be for you to purchase it through Amazon. I think they have it at a good price at present.
      Kind regards,
      George Lee

  • G’day George,

    Great to chat with you the other day.

    Here’s the link to two versions of our chat on the Breakfast blog site.

    Cheers ..

    David Iliffe


  • Many thanks David and I hope that you will get airborne in a glider before too long.

    Kind regards,


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