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Hi George,
Great effort on the website. I enjoyed reading your history (especially the bits I hadn’t heard before) and seeing all those old photographs. Looking forward to the book!

All the best to you and Maren

  • Hi Allan,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I trust that you are enjoying the Mifflin flying. Best wishes for the rest of your US flying.

  • Hi George,
    Well done! Enjoyed the trip down ‘Memory Lane’ and all the photos. Looking forward very much to the book later this year.
    June & George

  • Hi George

    Wonderful to see your life. God bless as you reach the world and let your light shine.

    Love George and Cheryl

  • Hi George,
    Just saw the link to this website. Hope you and Maren have a great trip overseas. I have been busy at work but am off to Uvalde in July with Kerrie for five weeks to give the Worlds another go.

  • Hi George,

    Great pictures and really glad to see that you have a web site to share them and your stories on. How may pupils have made it onto the picture board in your hangar now?

    We are down in Queensland in September for a wedding and would love to pop in but like you this might be based on standby availability!

    Please say hi to Maren

    Best Regards

    • Hi Gavin,
      It would be great to see you again and we should be around in September. Just give us as much notice as you can as life is pretty busy, albeit not course flying!
      Best regards,

  • Dear George,
    thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures, deep thougts and impressive experiences.

    Kind regards
    “fellow” gliding pilot and instructor, proud owner of a 30 year old ASW 22 🙂

  • Hi George, it was great to see you & Maren again after all these years & enjoyed listening to the talk you gave! The book looks really good & will enjoy sitting down & having a read later on today.
    Take care & very best wishes to you & yours
    Kind regards
    Brian & Barbara Richmond – St Ives

    • Hi Brian and Barbara,
      Thank you for your kind remarks. It was good to see you both again and thank you so much for your assistance in promoting the talk.
      Best wishes,

  • Hallo Georg,
    ich habe eben durch Zufall deine webside entdeckt und freue mich sehr darüber. Du hattest 1990 in Fuentemilanos, Spanien meine LS8 MH von mir geliehen. Ich habe immer wieder an dich gedacht und mich gefragt, wo du mit deiner Familie denn jetzt lebst. Um so mehr freut es mich zu sehen, dass du in meinem geliebten Australien lebst. Und dahin shcicke ich dir ganz viele Grüße aus Deutschland.
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Maika

    • Hello Maika!
      How lovely to get a message from you after all these years! I have good memories of my time at Fuentemilanos and flying your lovely glider. Now Australia is home although we do go to Europe once a year to see our son and his family. I still enjoy my gliding and I hope it is the same for you.
      With my best wishes,

  • Dear George
    Thank you for the beautiful fotos, they show a great time of soaring history.

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