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So, that was January! Life for the Lees has become somewhat insane and it is not likely to change much for most of this year. Things are progressing well re the sale of our beloved Plain Soaring and we have a final settlement date of 28th February. We will then have two further months to be able to stay at Plain Soaring before we will move into rental accommodation in Dalby. Although we vowed never to build a house again, we have decided to do so as there was too much that we didn’t like with the available properties on the market in Dalby. We have purchased a 1 acre block of land on the western edge of town and things are proceeding with the design and all the other areas that go with building a house! It is stressful but we have an excellent builder and designer to work with and we are confident about the end result.

Meanwhile our daughter, Sonja, gave birth to a lovely little girl called Hannah Simone Sonja Dunlop. She was only 5lbs 6oz when she was born but she is putting on weight at a healthy rate and both mother and daughter are doing well. Maren is looking forward to living in town as she will be much closer to our daughter and grandchild. Our lives will be much simpler once we are established and my workload will be a lot less than what I have known for the last 18 years!

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George I love reading yr Blogs they are so interesting I don’t know how u & Maren manage to fit in all these exciting things into your lives .
Hannah is just beautiful & as I said in e,mail— Many congratutions to you all — (Actually U BOTH look beautiful in this particular picture u beaming from ear to ear ) ha ha & quite rightly so v proud Grandad.
Paul enjoyed your book very much with comments of “ my goodness dident realize George did that ,this or something else “ I hope it will “inspire him” ——meanwhile it is going on loan to our ministers young son Josh who is taking his “pilots exam “ shortly & for different reasons having doubts of succeeding to attain HIS DREAM .
Lv best wishes & Gods Blessings— Angie

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