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As I type, the New Year has begun. Maren and I enjoyed our last Christmas at Plain Soaring, being a total of six for Christmas dinner. It was a very hot day so we indulged ourselves with air conditioning! The hot and humid weather has continued since Christmas and we look forward to the arrival of some drier air. The weather in the Dalby area is usually pretty dry and it is unusual to have such humid conditions for so long.

Things are proceeding with the sale of Plain Soaring. At present the purchaser is seeking the financial approval of his bank manager; once that has been agreed, it will be full steam ahead! We have identified the plot of land on which to build our last house. It is a 1 acre block on the western edge of Dalby and we have already signed a contract for the agreed price and paid a deposit. The first big step is to identify the builder we want to work with and ascertain his availability as far as the commencement of the build is concerned. Maren and I are in agreement that it should be a one level house and smaller than our present one. We will also be looking to make it usable for wheelchairs, not that we expect to be in that situation but at least we would be covered should it eventuate for either of us. In the meantime, we are busy keeping Plain Soaring up to scratch for the new owners. It’s a strange feeling in many ways, given that we have lived here happily for more than eighteen years, but we know that season is now over and it is time to simplify our lives and reduce the overall workload.

Sonja is doing very well and looking healthy. It is now around four weeks to go until the due date and the combination of heat and humidity is challenging for her. She and David have made all the preparations for the addition to the family so we can only wait and see what gender the child will be and what his/her name will be!

Maren continues to be challenged with her health, with some days being harder than others. We have decided to play it safe and pull the plug on the planned European holiday of a tour of both Romania and Bulgaria, postponing it until next year when Maren will be better able to enjoy it. Instead we have booked a holiday on the Greek island of Rhodes, when maximum relaxation will be the order of the day!

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