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Now into December, the first days of summer and Christmas rushing towards us at great speed-as many have asked, where did the year go to? Life has become extremely busy for Maren and myself as we have decided to put Plain Soaring on the market and there is an awful lot to be done to get the property up to speed after more than eighteen years of living here! We have decided that we are both definitely hoarders! We have given a local estate agency exclusive rights but the property will be advertised nationwide. We feel that the most likely chance is with an aviator looking for a certain lifestyle rather than a farmer as the amount of cultivable land is relatively small. Assuming a successful sale, we plan to buy a house in Dalby which will bring us closer to Sonja and our new grandchild, as well as to our church and the community.

The preparation work has not been helped by Maren’s state of health as she has a compressed vertebra and must be very careful in how she moves her body. It’s been an interesting year healthwise for both of us but we look to the future with confidence. 

We have just returned from a memorable fishing trip out of Port Douglas in northern Queensland. Maren was to have indulged in some light tackle fishing to get bait for the black marlin but it would have been too much of a risk to her spine, so the fishing was all mine. It’s been a lifetime dream of mine to catch a large black marlin and that dream finally became a reality. I caught two black marlin, one being 200lbs and the other being 650lbs. I also caught a beautiful sailfish, a fish that I have long admired but never caught. All these fish were released having been brought to the boat.

Maren and I wish everybody who reads my blogs a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


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