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After a worryingly dry year up to the end of September, we finally received some good rain-a total of 119mm for the month of October. There were quite a number of rain events but some were heavy enough to result in running water and gave us a nice top up on our dam water. Unsurprisingly October was a relatively cool month compared to September which was pretty hot. 

On the gliding front, the Australian gliding movement had a bad five week period within the last two months when four lives were lost in three accidents. I knew the instructor well who was involved in the accident that occurred at the local club. His widow and daughters arranged a social event to celebrate the life of our friend and fellow pilot. There was a large turnout which was a good indication of the respect that he had been held in.

On the personal gliding front, I made the decision to retire from gliding after more than 54 years of involvement in a sport that has meant so much to me. This is not a decision that I took lightly but the reality was that I had not flown my glider since January last year, mainly because of technical issues. Furthermore, both I and subsequently Maren have had health issues which, in Maren’s case, is still ongoing. I feel that the season of gliding in my life is now over and that God is moving us onto a different way of life-we just need to establish the where and when before we look at selling our beloved Plain Soaring!

Finally, our daughter Sonja is progressing well in her pregnancy with everything normal so far. She is due towards the end of January.

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