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Now into August, the last month of our official winter season. It has been an extraordinarily mild winter with only a couple of light frosts so far. Not so unusually, it has also been very dry which has made it difficult for the dry land farmers (those without irrigation) to make the decision as to whether or not to plant a winter crop. The one thing nobody wants is a significant late frost as that can be extremely damaging.

Not a lot to report from Plain Soaring as I have just been plodding on doing routine tasks, but there is a definite feeling that Spring is just around the corner. No news about the crankshaft from my Nimbus engine being returned from the Solo factory as yet. Once it is returned and the glider is rigged and test flown, it will be at a significantly higher standard engine-wise than when it was new. It has much improved electrical plugs and a complete new wiring harness in the engine compartment, as well as the latest modified ignition boxes. It has been a long drawn out saga and I have really learned the meaning of the word patience!

One thing that is coming up in less than two months is a game fishing trip out of Townsville with my son in law. We are booked to spend three nights on board and to say that we are both looking forward to it would be a gross understatement!

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