Maren and I are in Europe as I type. We are nearing the end of what has been a great holiday. 

We started with time in the UK seeing my sister and family, as well as catching up with RAF and gliding friends. We then spent time with our son and his family in Germany before visiting Prague for a few days. We then returned to Germany for a short time before going to the Isle of Wight. We leave the IOW shortly and will spend a couple of nights in London to take in a show before flying back to Australia.

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Well George not sure what I’m doing but “having a go !!
It was great to meet you both & also your sister & husband popped in for a cuppa in August so we could catch up with all the news– & now I have found this “blog”= (so very interesting)
I remembered the name of your book & have been trying to get it for Paul without much success– no I don’t do anything with payments etc on these technical devices ,any suggestions?
Paul Kizzy & I are well .Our church The Immanuel is having massive extension works done to benefit all who attend the many ” community “activities they provide & Paul goes there a lot to help with all the moving of equipment so all that can take place.
We hope to make a visit over Romsey way somewhen to “run in ” Paul’s car ( yes sorry made him buy his OWN- I got so frustrated on a good day jumping in “RED 1” my automatic & had to adjust seats mirrors etc etc it wore me out before I had gone anywhere)
Anyway I hope u receive this & that you are both well
Lots of Angie ( Paul Jenkins wife) XXX

  • Hi Angie,
    Good to hear from you and to read that you had made contact with George and June again.
    The easiest way for you to get a copy of my book “Hold Fast to Your Dreams” is to Google “British Gliding Association” and, on their website, click on “Shop” and then “Books” and then “Gliding Books”. I have just done so and they have it in stock. You can always order it over the phone and pay by credit card. If it doesn’t work out for any reason, please let me know.
    Good to read about the activity in your church-it sounds like there is great community involvement.
    Maren and I are doing fine and we are looking forward to being grandparents again around the end of January as our daughter who lives locally is expecting.
    Congratulations to Paul on his new car-what is it?
    Maren joins me in sending our best wishes,

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