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It’s hard to believe it’s already April but that’s how it is! Life at Plain Soaring continues to be pretty much on hold as Maren’s progress has been slower than expected/hoped for. Her body has got a lot of adapting to do and I guess anything physical is going to be more of a challenge in later years. My glider is still away and the problem is proving to be extremely challenging for the Australian Solo engine agent. I am confident that the issue will eventually be resolved but, as it happens, I couldn’t be flying at present anyway due to Maren’s condition.

This last week has been quite dramatic as a nasty cyclone came ashore in Northern Queensland and then proceeded to track South and on into New South Wales. There was a lot of damage to property and, so far, two lives lost. Some places got more than 500mm of rain in 24 hours! We were fortunate as we got the benefit of some nice rain (106 mm) but didn’t get any damage as the strong winds had abated inland. The timing of the rain is good in that it should give the local farmers confidence to plant their winter crops. As I type, the weather has really settled down and it is a beautiful Autumn day on the Darling Downs with max temperature around the mid to late 20s.

It is now just over five weeks until we set off for Europe and Maren and I are really looking forward to seeing family and some friends again. It will be two years since we saw our grandchildren last because of the Pastoral Care course that I did last year. We will continue to make the long journey over as long as we are physically able!

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