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We are now officially into the beginning of Autumn-hard to believe! It’s still reasonably warm but not to the levels we experienced a few weeks ago. Although it’s a bit cooler, we are still in predominantly dry conditions and the farmers desperately need good soaking rain. It’s frustrating because they’ve been having a very good “wet” up north and they’ve been getting good rain down south, but we’ve been missing out. Anyway, our turn will come.

Still no news on the Nimbus! It’s been incredibly frustrating and it’s looking as if it may well be the internal engine seal that has failed, which would not be great given that the engine has done less than 75 hours. When this is all finished, the engine wiring plus plugs and components will be better than when the glider was new.

Maren is continuing to make slow progress. We had planned to take a short break next week to the coast, but with Maren’s unpredictable mobility we decided to cancel and focus on getting her right in time for our departure for Europe to see our son and his family in Germany. We didn’t go last year because of a Pastoral Care training course that I was doing, so we are really looking forward to seeing everybody this time. Two years makes a lot of difference with children when they are in the 8 to 10 years old bracket.

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