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Now into the second month of Spring. It was a very hot start to the season and remained extremely dry. In early September I travelled up to Mount Isa in North-West Queensland for a ten day period to be mentored by the Senior Pastor of Christian Outreach Centre there. It was very hot and dry up there as well but the trip was well worth it and I gained a lot.

I then went on a fishing trip with my son in law out of Townsville. We went out about 150 km from the coast on a 50 foot boat and spent three nights/four days fishing. The main objective was to catch a Black Marlin; although that didn’t happen, we caught a lot of fish and a good range of different species. We were particularly blessed with the weather throughout the whole trip and it was all a great experience. I brought around 20 kg of fish home with me so we should be good for eating fish for some months! I have decided to give the Black Marlin one more chance before year end and that will be that. Maren and I will fly up to Cairns around mid-November and we will go out for another three night/four day trip. Maren does enjoy doing some fishing, although it will be with lighter tackle and going for reef fish.

While David and I were away on our fishing expedition, Maren and Sonja went to a church conference about an hour’s drive from home. I am told that it was excellent!

As I was just about to leave Townsville, it started to rain on the Darling Downs and continued as I travelled home. Although the amount wasn’t great, it is so welcome as we got no rain at all in September and virtually none in August.

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